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Do you need help with the administrative compliance and financial management of your business?

Operations and management support, GST (BAS), payroll, superannuation, sales, purchases etc, etc, etc... Well that is what we do and we do it very well!

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What is ‘ookkee’? (oo-key)

ookkee is a Xero based accounts, operations and management support practice that believes in self-drive, determination and clever work. We are generous with our skills, talent and time and have a genuine desire to use these attributes to assist those we work with to prosper and succeed. We thrive in small to medium enterprise (SME) and feel SME is the lifeblood of progress, innovation and the Australian economy. We are always looking for new ways to learn and grow and our core drive is always to become smarter, faster and more effective at what we do.

What do we do each day at ookkee?

We provide professional bookkeeping, compliance, advice and administrative services to SME business. We value what we do and our service level reflects this. We absolutely love solving problems, getting things done and helping our clients. We love systems, working remotely, Xero, Google, Dropbox and Office 365. We immerse ourselves in the businesses we work with and delight in the small (and sometimes large) victories we and our clients achieve.